Thursday, April 16, 2009

U KnoW Wat !!!

This is Wat Im Doing duriNg my Semester Holiday>>>>

Go to the Oil palm Farm evry day.,then cut down the oil palm,angKat and gather it at the platform....macam PetaNi ModeN tak???huhu.....this piC after i finish my father getting Old now, since im only the boy in my famly after my late brother passed away last year>>>SO, as a son i hve to help him all out...

This experience will burn up my spirit in order to success in my study...I always remember this...sweet>>>>


  1. oitsss... bukan oil palm lah.. palm trees sudah... oil palm tu.. minyak kelapa sawit...

  2. very good salihin..semoga menjadi anak yang kebanggaan keluarga. Bukan mudah nak lihat seorang remaja mahu melakukan kerja-kerja macamtu..i proud with u.